December 14, 2010

Tree Deco

Unconventional twists on age old traditions are more refreshing than a snowball in the face! Take this lovely little Christmas scene floating amidst the Ottawa winter wonderland. The classic hunter green garland wreath has departed from its typical front door placement, instead adorning the criss-crossed iron work windows. Meanwhile an otherwise bare tree is prettily dressed in an assortment of bejeweled baubles, brightly sparkling against the muted glare of snow, and the best part, a pair stoic gargoyles greet visitors from beneath huge red bows and Santa-hats. The result? A twinkling spin on festive cheer!

December 13, 2010

Victoire Visit!

If you haven't yet discovered the magical style of Victoire, I suggest you finish reading this post, grab your boots and head straight over to the beautiful up-and-coming boutique. Doused in a breathtaking sense of nostalgia that ignites with a defiant edge, this sassy shop effortlessly throws back to the finer vintages of yesteryear.

It's the type of place where rock and roll tea-party style rules, where stacks of books and antique musical instruments serve as jewelery stands, and where whimsy dances through the decor details to the beat of its own drum. Fully stocked with rebellious yet classy clothing from Canadian designers and brimming with a classically infused personality, Victoire has shaped an independent image for itself somewhere in the middle of old and new.
Everywhere you turn there is something funky to see, from tiers of vintage shoes, to antique sports equipment hanging on the walls, to china tea cups filled with delectable rings, to quirky sentimental sayings riddling the merchandise and more! It's a lovely example of tongue-and-cheek done right, accentuated by vibrant floral wallpaper and the sound of 50s jazz oozing from an old authentic jukebox. Victoire even makes a sock drawer fun! Who knew?

Definitely one the greatest stores to shop in all of Ottawa, made even greater by the amazing staff who greet you with genuine smiles and friendly chatter. Huge shout outs to Katie and Erin who were working last Friday afternoon and let me stay a while to shoot these photos!

December 10, 2010

I Heart Weekends

Staying out all night, lounging around in sweats all day, curling up with a good book or magazine, drinking tea, playing in the snow, visiting friends, traveling out of town, decorating for the holidays, taking photos, day-dreaming without interruption, planning dinner parties, scribbling in notebooks, taking long walks, and dancing until it hurts! Who doesn't heart weekends?

December 09, 2010

On the Other Side

What is the purpose of a fence? Does it hold us back or does it encourage us to wonder and explore what's on the other side?
I doubt this adorable little fluffball ponders such questions. Instead she keeps herself busy in the now and is perfectly content to lay in the grass and chow down on a tennis ball, no matter what side she's on.

December 08, 2010

Play Beyond

Red Rose Medley

Red is a truly fantastic colour. It's bold, vibrant, passionate, mysterious, foreboding and cheerful all at the same time without even trying. Some may say that red is too 'obvious' a shade for the complexities of modern day life, because it was often hashed and rehashed by romantics of the past in search of profound meanings. But what some regard as overdone, others simply call timeless.

December 07, 2010

Holiday Memories

This photograph was purposefully taken to show a slightly rough old-world aesthetic. The snoozing scene makes me think of Christmas days gone by, when the magic of childhood transformed the holiday season into a time of unparalleled wonder. My mind becomes a flurry of warm memories: bright flannel pajamas, beautiful stories shared around the tree, mugs of thick hot chocolate that you had to hold with both hands, the feel of a dog's warm nose nuzzling your arm as you snuggled up to watch holiday specials, and most of all, a cozy home tucked in by a blanket of flawless snow. What are some of your favourite Christmas memories?

December 06, 2010

Perfect Pastries

While coffee is the stimulant of choice for most people on an early Monday morning, I personally prefer pastries. Sweet or savory, it really doesn't matter so long as they are glistening with creamy butter glazes or tiny crystals of succulent sugar. You wait patiently in line, hoping that the person ahead of you doesn't see the perfect danish or croissant that you've already scoped out from the front door. Then at last, you are permitted to step up to the counter and welcome into your partially frozen hands the gentle warmth that can only ooze from freshly baked goods. It is a comforting sensation of heavenly decadence that never fails to bring a satisfied smile to your lips and it is the perfect way to start the week.

December 03, 2010

Faded Fridays

When Friday at last rolls around, many of us feel a little faded from the week's never-ending to-do lists, conflicting appointments and barrage of emails. So this weekend make sure to rejuvenate by treating yourself to a decadent morning (or two!) of sleeping in. 

December 02, 2010

Meet Marc

Meet Marc, a dedicated student who immerses himself in the deep tangled language of scholars who came before him. Pouring over the richness of raw texts and navigating the dark twisted maze of an ethical reasoning bound by unwavering code, he prepares for the intensive years of law-school that are yet to come.
However, when instances of solitude creep through a moment, he retreats to the quiet recesses of his mind, wondering how best to put his training to work in a world where so many need help. He dreams of discovering his purpose, the fight to which his heart will be drawn, the thing to which he will devote himself to entirely without hesitation or regret.
But until that day arrives, until that inspirational force dawns, finds and consumes him from within, he waits for the next inevitable exam to break. 

If you are interested in booking a portrait session, please contact me at [email protected]